Top 10 Ways to Use the Finger Missile (Foam Rocket)

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We've had the pleasure of selling these foam rockets for awhile now. During that time we've seen tons of creative and unique uses for these awesome toys. Here is our top ten ways to use the Finger Missile.

#1 Family Fun Nights

The most important thing is family and what better way to spend a “memory creating evening” than with a pack of Finger Missiles. Your home will become a fun battleground and your couches a makeshift bunker. Tell mom not to worry about destroying the house. Our foam rockets are durable but light and soft. No potential broken lamps to worry about.

#2 Youth Groups and Camps

The biggest buyer of Finger Missiles is youth groups and church camps. When it comes to playing with these fun toys, the more people the merrier. There is absolutely nothing better than a ton of kids engaging in a Finger Missile war. The best part is that our toys are extremely well made and will hold up when kids get a little rough during play.

#3 Office Cubicle Wars

Our favorite customer so far has been Google. They purchase these fine products from us by the case. Their reason? CUBICLE WARS! What a great way to alleviate some stress and bond with your co-workers by shooting them with a Finger Missile.

#4 Birthday Parties / Pool Parties

Let’s be honest, most birthday party games stink these days. This isn’t the 1950s. Nobody wants to play pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs? Can you imagine how memorable your party would be if you brought in some packs of Finger Missiles? I think you know the answer to that. Got a pool? Cool! These toys are water-proof and float.

#5 Business Promotions

One forgotten aspect of Finger Missiles is how eye-catching they are. They have bright colors, a cool shape and are literally a blast to play with. Imagine promoting your business website on the side of these foam rockets. People might be prone to throw away a business card or a pamphlet but they’ll keep a Finger Missile and better yet, they’ll remember your company when they do.

#6 School Events / Fund Raisers

Most schools have yearly fund raisers. The Finger Missile is a great item to purchase in bulk at a low wholesale price and then resell for a profit. A great substitute for the old fashioned chocolate bar.

#7 Family Reunions

We’ve had quite a few customers order Finger Missiles for their family reunions. It makes perfect sense too. Most reunions are held outside at a park. That’s plenty of outdoor space to setup a family showdown of epic proportions.

#8 Sunday School Prizes

Prizes have always been a great way to get children involved in Sunday school. If you are running a Vacation Bible School, an Awanas “Kid Bucks” store or are simply wanting to reward kids for scripture memorization this is a great way to go.

#9 Neighborhood Parties

Many neighborhoods throw parties for July 4th and New Year’s Eve. You can expect lots of kids and lots of fireworks (which have a tendency to be a tad bit dangerous). Substitute a pack of Roman Candles for a pack of Finger Missiles. Much safer and better yet, reusable!

#10 Fraternity and Sororities

Hey bro! Imagine the hours of fun that could be had with a case of Finger Missiles at your frat house. We guarantee that it will be the hit of the party. Just be sure to move the beer pong table out of the way first.

Finger Missiles are a Blast!

These Finger Missiles are so much fun that Google and Flickr order them from us by the case to have cubicle wars at their company facilities! Schools use them in their gymnasiums for all out battles of a game that combines dodge ball and Finger Missiles (see video). Youth groups and camps use them for [...]

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