Finger Missiles are a Blast!

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These Finger Missiles are so much fun that Google and Flickr order them from us by the case to have cubicle wars at their company facilities! Schools use them in their gymnasiums for all out battles of a game that combines dodge ball and Finger Missiles (see video). Youth groups and camps use them for contests, war games, and giveaways. Finger Missiles are a big hit at birthday parties, fraternity/sorority parties, school carnivals, family reunions and more!

Finger Missiles are also a great way to advertise your company or event. We’re the only company that offers in-house printing on the Finger Missiles for your business or organization.

When you buy from us, you are not paying retail price. We offer wholesale prices to the general public. In fact, most of the sellers you see on the internet and in stores buy their Finger Missiles from us. No other provider even comes close to our price! Also, our Finger Missiles are of the best quality available.

Let us be your Finger Missile provider. You’ll be glad you did! 

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